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andaman dolphin tour

Andaman Dolphin

One of only two vessels in the entire country, its spaceship-like aerodynamic shape allows for quick travel along the west coast of Andamans to reach prime snorkeling and marine animal viewing locations.

coral safari semi sub

Coral Safari Semi Submarine

A great way to discover the beautiful colorful marine life without getting wet. You will get to explore the rich coral reefs and encounter the rich aquatic underwater life of the Islands.

jet ski in the Andaman Sea

Jet Ski

Riding on your own jet ski – unforgettable adventure in an unforgettable location.

Kayaking in Andaman's backwaters


An adventure of a very special kind – heading out to sea, feasting your eyes with the glorious landscapes and the beautiful yet untouched rich diversity of the Mangroves at Havelock Island.